Second project meeting Prague, Czech Republic

The second international meeting of the “E7X21” project was organized in Prague, Czech Republic between the 27th and the 30th of April 2016 with the participation of:

  1. Rodica Pana and Andreea Micu from CPIP, Romania;
  2. Javier Morales from DEFOIN, Spain;
  3. Indre Kozevnikaite and Daina Gudoiene from BETI, Lithuania;
  4. Martina Belásová and Jakub Škába from AMSP ČR, Czech Republic;
  5. Francisco Saco, Fernando Fuentes and Sandra Sanchez from Universidad de Córdoba, Spain;
  6. Andrea Ferrarini and Maria Paz Venturelli from ECIPAR, Italy;
  7. Joanna Zwolińska and Mirosław Szulc from Business Play Europe, Poland.

In the second E7X21 meeting, the emphasis was put on the Output 1’s Pills, the e-learning virtual space, the dissemination carried out so far in the project by every partner, together with quality control, monitoring and evaluation activities, and administrative and financial obligatory regulations.