Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente is a Romanian NGO that works in the area of Lifelong Learning since 2005. CPIP is committed to mainstreaming the principle of equal opportunities for all citizens in the public policies and associated practices, as an integral part of democratization and the creation of an open society, in order to re-define the status and improve entrepreneurship and youth opportunities. We support initiatives and run programs and projects that aim at cooperating and innovating for good practices in this field. CPIP's main objective is to promote the lifelong learning through all relevant stakeholders. This is done by taking part at diverse European initiatives and then mainstreaming in the regional activities the developed products and results. We have so far worked in the area of:

  • promotion of entrepreneurship in youth and special needs groups
  • social entrepreneurship
  • in social responsibility as part of two national networks.
  • in regional development by working in health and safety for agricultural sector and in training rural developers.
  • in SME development through collaboration with SME supporting bodies and by developing tools for integration of mobility workers.




The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts CZ (AMSP CR) brings together small and medium-sized enterprises and craftspeople and their collective organisations from around the whole Czech Republic on an open, non-political platform. The AMSP CR was founded in 2001 and nowadays it is the strongest organization representing interests of Czech SMEs in the country and abroad. Three main pillars on which association is based on are: independence, expertise and experience.

AMSP CR intensively cooperates with the government, individual ministries, and over recent years has initiated a host of policy measures which are helping to create the SMEs friendly business environment in the Czech Republic. Association disposes with long-lasting experience and expertise in the area implementation of various international and/or national projects, both privately and/or publicly funded.




Career Development and Integration (DEFOIN) was born in 2009 with the idea of promoting the Training for Employment and Insertion of employed and unemployed workers, at a time when the economic crisis and the skill requirements of workers It was a crucial task.

DEFOIN has extensive experience in the comprehensive management of training plans, as well as specific solutions tailored to the need of design, management and delivery of continuing and occupational training for businesses and employed and unemployed.

Through its team of highly qualified professionals who analyze, design and develop each project with the best guarantees of success.

Training plans DEFOIN managed at all times seeks to enhance the skills of students, improvement and integration into the labor market, expand and update their knowledge. All with the ultimate goal of improving the productivity of workers and organizations, increasing profitability and improving the quality of services of both.




BETI was founded in 2003 by an active team of professionals who have been working in the field of ICT and education technologies for more than 15 years. While implementing different activities in higher education and vocational training sectors the rich experience, knowledge and skills were accumulated in the field of ICT enhanced training, distance education methodology, learning technologies, multimedia production, development of web applications, etc. The team has been actively participating in national and European initiatives, namely Eureka, Leonardo da Vinci, Phare, KA3, Grundvig and others.

The main aims of the Institute are:

  • to apply scientific, methodological and practical activities to encourage ICT based training and learning in order to balance smooth education, social and economic development.
  • to seek for development of democratic, wide-accessed and self-dependant training conditions for all citizens while implementing lifelong learning paradigm, developing distance learning initiatives, and creating information systems for training, guidance and counselling.
  • to support IT based projects and process management, in cooperation with organizations and individuals seeking to ensure effectiveness and quality of implemented activities and provided services.
  • to develop new e-learning methodologies and new forms of learning, Expertise, quality assurance and evaluation.




ECIPAR Emilia Romagna is the organization for training and innovative services provided to SMEs, promoted by the Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato. Among its targets, there are research, elaboration, systematization and dissemination of “knowledge” that are useful for SMEs.

Founded in 1982, ECIPAR is a non-profit making limited liability consortium company, its shareholders are 9 provincial companies that manage the training activity on the area and the Regional Federation of CNA (Confederazione Nazionale Artigianato).

ECIPAR is accredited to ISO 9000/2000 and by Emilia Romagna Region.

ECIPAR offer to the system of SME small businesses training services to support the growth of managerial skills , technical and professional . The extensive experience in the design and delivery of training interventions , the maximum organizational flexibility , teachers and qualified consultants and an extensive network of contacts throughout the ECIPAR allow to address different issues related managerial techniques and business activity .




Business Play Europe was set up in December 2014 on the grounds of previous business activities of its founders. It is a micro-enterprise operating in the field of business education and consulting. Its main activities is inventing and distribution of tools supporting trainers and consultants in their daily work, as well as training and consulting services in project development and management (including EU co-funded projects).

As part of its services and projects, BPE shares ideas and experiences in business education and consulting, with the use of interesting and unconventional solutions - simulations, games, organization diagnosis tools, and others.

The core products of BPE are simulations of running business for various target groups. One of them – called Business Play - is valued by trainers who deliver trainings for start-ups, employees or students on business management and related topics, shaping soft skills among present and future entrepreneurs and building their entrepreneurial attitudes and mindsets. Nevertheless Business Play simulation has proven to be used a good tool for teambuilding meetings and   can be used by HR consultants in assessment and development centre.

Business Play Europe is a member of the network of trainers and consultants called e!volve - the platform for sharing knowledge and experience in business education and consulting. Business Play Europe delivers training on Knowledge Management for trainers and consultants.





The UCO was granted charter in 1972, although its roots lie in 1870 (Universidad Libre). This young, mid-sized university (18000 students, 1400 teachers, 730 employees) is a dynamic institution successfully adapted to the current demands for excellence in teaching and proven scientific expertise.

Three different campuses gather our academic offer in Humanities, Legal & Social Sciences, Science & Technology and Health Sciences. 

Area of specific expertise and competence of the UCO is Agrifood: UCO coordinates 5 Andalusian universities within the Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3), aimed at finding answers to agricultural challenges of the 21century.